How do I qualify?

Make sure you’re uploaded all the required documents.

For who?

Students, interns & PHD candidates

From when available?

The first apartments are available from August first 2019

For how long can I stay?

You can live in the apartment as long as you are studying. Once you have finished (or stopped) your studies you have from three months to a maximum of one year to find new accommodation.

How long can I live there if I choose for a short stay?

If you choose for a short stay, you may live in the apartment for up to six months. We may then offer you an apartment again in the complex no earlier than six months from the moment you no longer live there.

Is there a minimum period of time for which I must pay rent?

No. Regardless of how long you wish to live there, you can always terminate your tenancy agreement with effect from the first of the month, with a notice period of one month. In other words, if you want to stay until the end of February, make sure you give notice of termination in January.

May I live together with someone?

We do not prohibit it, but do not advise it. If you want to live together with someone, we recommend you rent one of the larger apartments. You can indicate this on the registration form.

Can I live next to or on the same corridor as a friend?

Yes. We take into account who you want to have living next to you and who you would like living on the same corridor. You can also propose someone to live elsewhere in the building.

Can I see an example tenancy agreement?

Click here to view an example agreement if you intend to live in the apartment for more than 6 months.

Please note: these are examples only. The exact prices that apply can be found online.

How are the communal areas fitted out?

There is enough furniture in the various communal areas for you to relax. We have also fitted out the communal areas for different functions. One is furnished for lounging, the other for studying.

Take a look at the impression from the entrance

What facilities are there?

  • Private High speed Wi-Fi and cable Internet
  • Secured bike shed
  • Parking spaces to rent (probably 40 euros per month. We will soon start offering parking spaces)
  • Laundry facilities (paid)
  • Common rooms with free Wi-Fi
  • Common outdoor spaces
  • Study rooms

On the ground floor there will be a range of shops and eateries that hopefully will appeal to you. We will keep you posted!


We can’t take your call all the time 058-2100135 . We recommend to send an e-mail to if you can’t find the answer to your question on this website.