How do I qualify?

In order to qualify for a room in Markt058, make sure that you provide all required information/documents (including a guarantor form filled in by your parent(s)/guardian(s)) as soon and as complete as possible via the subscription form.

For who?

The rooms in Markt058 are for students (university (of applied sciences) and college; i.e. WO, HBO and MBO), interns, and PhD cancidates.

For how long can I stay?

You can live in Markt058 as long as you are studying. Once you have finished (or stopped) your studies you have from three months to a maximum of one year to find new accommodation.

Most rooms are 19m2. There are several larger rooms available. How much bigger and expensive are these bigger rooms?

The bigger rooms are about 5m2 to 10m2 larger and € 50,- to € 100,- more expensive per month. Upon your registration, you can indicate your preference for a larger room. Click here for more information about the larger rooms.

Is there a minimum period of time for which I must pay rent?

No, there is no minimum period that you are required to live in Markt058/pay rent. Independent of how long you are already living in Markt058, you can always terminate your contract before the first day of a new month. Bear in mind the one-month notice period. In other words: if you wish to move out of Markt058 by the end of February, you have to inform us about the termination of your tenancy agreement by email before the end of January.

May I live together with someone?

We do not prohibit it, but do not advise it either. In case you decide that you want to live together with someone anyways, we do recommend you to rent one of the larger rooms. You can indicate this preference on the registration form.

Can I live next to or on the same corridor as a friend?

Yes, in theory this is possible. We take into account who you want to have living next to you and who you would like to live with on the same corridor. Nevertheless, we also depend on availability.

It is also possible to recommend someone to become a tenant at Markt058. In this case, you can send an email to

Can I see an example tenancy agreement?

Click here to see a template of the contract.

Important note: this is an example. The current and exact prices are communicated online and are leading.

What facilities does Markt058 offer?

Below, you will find an overview of the facilitaties:

  • Personal Wi-Fi and cabled internet;
  • Secured bike shed;
  • Possiblity to rent a parking spot;
  • Laundry room (for a fee);
  • Common rooms with Wi-Fi;
  • Outside spaces;
  • Study spaces.

There is enough furniture in the various communal areas for you to relax. We have also fitted out the communal areas for different functions. One is furnished for lounging, the other for studying.

Click here for an impression of the central entrance area.

Can I rent a parking space?

Yes, you can rent a parking space. The monthly fee is €40. In addition, the one-off administration costs are €40 and a deposit of €25 is required for the parking pass. Bear in mind a one month notice period in case you wish to terminate the contract for the parking space. Click here for an example of the contract. Important note: this is an example.

You can visit us during the contact hours in order to arrange the contract and a parking space for you. Do not forget to bring your ID card/passport!

Can I keep a pet in Markt058?

It is not permitted to keep an animal, even temporarily, in your room. This rule applies to all pets and animals and is laid down in the standing rules forming part of your tenancy agreement. You will be reminded of this when receiving your keys. Visitors may not bring pets into Markt58 either.

Only in medically necessary situations (guide dog for the blind, assistance dog) will we consider your written request. You may only bring your pet to Markt58 once you have received written approval. If any nuisance is caused by the pet, we will cancel the agreement immediately.

Can I smoke in Markt058?

No, you are not allowed to smoke in Markt058.

It is not permitted to smoke in Markt058. That means that you may not smoke anywhere indoors, including the communal areas (both inside and outside the building), the roof terrace, and your own room. It is also not permitted to burn incense either. The smoke will penetrate the walls and furniture which will require us to clean the contents of your room and even replace items. Any violation of the smoking ban will incur a considerable fine.

You may however burn scented and unscented candles provided you do so safely. Never leave candles lit when you go to sleep!


Do you have a question? Make sure to always check the FAQ page and the general folder first.

In case your question not asnwered on the FAQ and/or in the general folder, you can send an email to We try our best to respond to your email within 24 hours. It is not possible to call or whatsapp the manager directly. In addition, your emails are not read during the weekends. The office hours run from Monday until and including Friday from 09.00 (9AM) tot 17.00 (5PM).

We have limited availablility on our phone number +31 (0)58-2100135. In case you experience a calamity/emergency outside office hours, you can always call the calamity phone number +31 (0)58-2100135. For example in case of a power outage (when only related to the building!), a big leakage, or when you cannot enter your room.

Always call the Dutch life-threatening emergency number 112 immediately in case the fire department, police, and/or ambulance is/are required!